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New Zealand Asia Pacific Film Festival (NZAPFF) is the international film show platform that is focus on Asia Pacific region. It’s held annually in Auckland, New Zealand on the last week of Oct each year. The mission we pursuit through NZAPFF is to: explore best film, excellent production in various countries and regions and promote them to the international stage.


Building networks across Asia Pacific regions set up the channels of film distribution within New Zealand to promote Asia films which may improve the culture understanding in film art format. Helping Asia films get their market and increasing the awareness of the impact of Asia Pacific films in New Zealand society, integrate the diverse ethnics market into the mainstream either commercial or none commercial ways.


Promote New Zealand film co-production policy to Asia film industry especially to China, Korean, Japan and India. Liaison with New Zealand film production houses and overseas film producers offers the co-production constancy and ground services. Promote New Zealand as one of the best film production destiny in the world. Facilitate cross-border and inter-regional cooperation in film industry.



New Zealand is becoming a multi-culture society, it’s not only because the increasing number of migrants, but also the higher level of economy globalisation and the attitude of the national: New Zealand believes the KIWI culture is a confident and open culture, which are willing to meet the other cultures. We objectives are:


To help New Zealanders understand Asian culture, society, political and economic situations through the film art.


The Asia Pacific Film Festival is putting films together and offers the audience the opportunity to access various films in this region.




New Zealand Asia Pacific Film Festival is organized by New Zealand Asia Trust. We started with a confidence to create a new international brand. Although it has a short history but it steps with big pave year by year.

NZAPFF runs film awards competition in 2015 as the very first time, NZAPFF award judge panel will announce award finalists in Beijing on 16 Oct, 2015.

About organizer - New Zealand Asia Trust
New Zealand Asia Trust is a registered no-profit charitable organization, the mission is to promote Asian culture in New Zealand and improve culture understanding internationally. New Zealand Asia Trust is based in Auckland, New Zealand.